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Get Your Trauma Central Button

Everyone is talking about our new buttons because they look great! They feature our mascot, Flint Beastwood on a black background. If he were here, he’d describe his ugly mug as “the recognized symbol of excellence” in Flint’s music scene. We just think the buttons look cool, but don’t tell Beastwood we said that! For a mere $2, you can have one of these classy and stylish buttons. Come to one of our shows or reach out to J.P. Ribner on Facebook. He’ll hook you up!

Gig Night – The Corunna Road Bar – 3-6-2024

We returned to the gritty grounds where our journey ignited and set the stage on fire. Backed by our raw fusion of sound and soul, we once again unleashed our truth. The air crackled with intensity as we bared our souls, embraced the darkness, and confronted our demons. Audience participation was at an all-time high as the crowd joined in on our symphony of scars. 

We also summoned a piece of our past. We invited Donny K from our Pure Spun

o join us on stage. With him on bass, we reignited the fervor of our pulse-pounding anthem, “The American Way.” The song was infused with the raw energy that defines Trauma Central. 

As the final chord reverberated through the air, we felt it – a sense of unity and belonging forged in the fires of shared pain and passion. And as we bid farewell to the stage, we carried with us the promise of more to come. 

In the end, this was more than just another show at The Corunna Road Bar. It was a defiant roar against the silence of despair. Trauma Central stands ready to continue this battle, one blistering riff at a time.

Gig Night – The Corunna Road Bar – 1-26-2024

This was a Flinttown punk rock throwdown! Legendary old-school Flint punks DRaT opened the show. (Their singer had to work in the morning, so this was the ONLY time the band would ever open for us.) Next up was yours truly. We rocked it for all 31 of our guests and everyone else. Next up was the headliner – and our good friends – Super Horn Dog. All in all, a great night and well worth the wait. Check out our set on Facebook live! And be sure to give our Facebook page a like.

Open Mic Night – The Corunna Road Bar – 11-30-2023

After months of practicing, we wanted to see how we’d do in front of a crowd. An open mic night is the best place for it. And for a Flint-based punk band, there’s no better bar than The Corunna Road Bar. It’s one of the last bastions of original music left in the city. Since we only had three songs, we chose the ones that best illustrated our sound. Those are “Lost in Space,” “Wallowing,” and “Broken-Hearted Romeo.” We left with future gigs in the books!