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Does Your Company Need a Freelance Writer?

You do if you need things like:

Company blog posts

Website content
Case studies
Earned media
Landing page text
Google ad content
SEO keyword strategy
Social media posts
White papers
Video scripts and more
Normally, you’ll assign these tasks to someone who knows a little bit about writing. They might spend an entire day to come up with something that might work but probably won’t. This cuts into the time they could spend doing what you hired them to do.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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I’m a professional writer with 25 years of experience. (Download my resume.) I can handle all your content-creation needs so you can stop pulling employees away from their tasks.

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Writing Samples

Video Script Creation – Every great video starts with a great script. My approach is to deliver pertinent information in a fun yet informative way. The presentation is a compact and visually appealing format that is ideal for social media.

Product Descriptions – There is a reason why this content is one of my specialties. My formula combines long-tail SEO with details that educate consumers about the product. I present it all in a way that appeals to readers and skimmers and ends with a strong call to action.

Video Script Creation
Video Script Creation
Product Descriptions
Product Descriptions


Thought Leadership Content – Online content is a great way for companies to be recognized as subject matter experts within the industries they serve. Here are a few thought leadership pieces I’ve crafted during my career.

The Current State Of 401(K) Plans For Cannabis Workers
Connecticut Child Tax Rebate Still Available
5 Teambuilding Tips For Nonprofits
New Grant Encourages Job Creation In Connecticut


Corporate Content Marketing – From educational pieces and case studies to fun subject matter pieces, I know how to strategically develop and leverage content on the company’s behalf. (Note: This content was created using my pen name, “Jake Buckler.”)

Taps, Diplexers, and Splitters and Combiners - What’s the Difference - The Solid Signal Blog
DIRECTV Customer Service Saves the Day! - The Solid Signal Blog
Top 8 Places You Can’t Get Cell Reception - The Solid Signal Blog
A Fett Fanboy’s Fantasies and Fears Come True - The Solid Signal Blog


B2B Trade Publications – Writers must understand the needs of the industry they serve. The readership at IST Magazine – small business owners – needed helpful how-to articles. These “best practices” pieces helped them earn more revenue. I used my contacts and industry knowledge to deliver this business-building content.

The Truth About... Marketing Myths that Hold You Back
Lead By Example - Team-Building Through Leadership
Race to the Finish - Local Sponsorship Success
Sales Psychology - Get Inside Their Heads


Business Profiles – Small businesses want to be portrayed in the best possible light, but not every entrepreneur is able to “put it in writing.” Fortunately, I was on hand to help many our readers make the most of their opportunity to be featured in the pages of IST Magazine.

Event Promotion/Coverage Stories – Things are happening in every industry, and people want to know about them. Whether helping to promote an upcoming event or covering one that happened, I’ve had plenty of experience at various industry tradeshows and the stories to prove it. Here are a few of them:

Touch of Gold Tanning - Paradise, Close to Home
Sun Kissed Tanning
It's Happenin' at the Hard Rock - 7th Annual West Coast Tanning Expo
Heartland Tanning Inc - 2014 Winter Fair


Community/Human Interest – The heart of every community is its people, and each resident has an interesting story to tell. It takes a talented writer who’s in touch with his/her readership to find and deliver these stories in a creative and compelling manner. Here’s a small collection of Community/Human Interest stories I wrote while working at My City Magazine.

More Than a Blue Christmas
Service for Soldiers
Exotic Exercise
This Brew's for You


Personality Profiles – An industry’s power players are unique individuals, and their stories are more than just a collection of their accolades. While at IST Magazine, I had the opportunity to delve deep into the lives of some of the tanning industry’s VIPs to find out what really makes them tick… and turn out many an interesting story about the inner workings of these industry superstars.

Built for Success - Tan Pro's Rob Quinn
John R Farr - Empathy and Inspiration
An Open Book - URI's Heidi Palmer
Tanning's It Girl - Devoted Creations' Lisa Parsons


Product Marketing – Product sales are what makes an industry thrive. All the major manufacturers in the indoor tanning industry trusted me to portray their products in the best possible light, and for nearly 15 years, I delivered. Here are a few examples of some sales- and marketing-oriented product-pitch stories published in IST Magazine.

Budget Chic - Tan Candy Collection by Supre Tan
Sun Tan City - Super Salon System
Chic Sales - JWOWW by Perfect Tan Bikini
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