Legacy of the Bear

A reluctant hero with a tortured past, a willing mentor who knows more than he shows, and a host of fearsome adversaries come together in “Legacy of the Bear.” Set during Scandinavia’s Viking Age,this is the story of Autar Magnusson’s entrance into manhood. Once labeled a coward by his father, Autar is nonetheless determined to risk his very life against a ferocious and legendary bear to prove himself worthy of becoming a berserker. Join Autar on an adventure filled with violence, bloodshed and revelation as he seeks to inherit… the legacy of the bear.

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Legacy of the Bear
Mr. Ribner presents us with a wonderful and inspiring story in Legacy of the Bear. While anyone can describe this work as a “page-turner” containing many relatable characters, villains, twists and surprises, cool fight scenes and, of course, romance–I want to avoid doing so. (Though I would be… Read More
Brian St. Charles

To be quite honest, I am not generally a fan of the fantasy genre. This book made me change my mind.

When I picked up this book for the first time, I knew pretty much nothing about the book or its plot, save the information on the back cover. Mr. Ribner starts… Read More

Jake Robbins

The characters are well written – I can relate almost all to someone I know. The story is well written – I felt immersed in the book and watching the character from inside the scene, not outside the book. And in many places, my heart was racing! Ribner also did an excellent job of… Read More
Jamie Kittle