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Q: Where will John P. Ribner appear next?

A: Anywhere I can promote my latest book, “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir.”

That’s the hustle of an indie author. We don’t have a major publishing house – or their huge, multi-million dollar budgets – to lean into. Our grind is introducing potential readers to our latest masterpieces. This means book signing events and whatever media appearances we can manage. Here are some of mine:

Flintside Magazine Features "Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir"

Flintside Magazine Features “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir”

In case you missed this bit of local publicity, allow me to share it again. (Like I wouldn’t!) Sarah Spohn graciously gave me the opportunity to be Flint Famous with this interview. It’s a great Q&A about my book. If you think my book is a “history of Flint’s punk scene,” you should read this. You might be surprised…

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Wasted Youth

“A brilliant, honest, and engaging memoir”

This is why I love when writers review “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir.” They always know just what to say. In this case, the writer is Anthony Avina and he gave my book a 5-star review. Check out the rest of it on his blog:

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Rats of Unusual Size

Rats of Unusual Size

In 1990, Israel Anderson and I stood around in downtown Flint, watching Rats of Unusual Size play. Here we are, 31 years later, doing the exact same thing. Thanks, Jim Fourniadis. It was a helluva trip down Memory Lane!

*Taking a much-needed break at my July 9, 2021 book signing at The Flint Local 432.

Art Walk July

“Wasted Youth” Book Signing @ Flint Art Walk

July 9, 2021

Want a signed copy of “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir”? Come on down to the Flint Local 432 at 124 W 1st Street. (It’s part of Flint Art Walk.) I’ll be there from 5-8 PM selling copies of “Wasted Youth.” Books are $18, cash or PayPal. Come on down, say hello, and pick up a copy. And check out the other vendors at the event, too.

Tom Sumner

“Wasted Youth” on The Tom Sumner Program

June 21, 2021

It was a tremendous honor to be interviewed by Flint legend Tom Sumner! We talked about my book, “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir,” of course. And Tom also played three of my songs from my punk rock days. That’s definitely the most airtime those tunes ever got!

Has my recent radio fame has gone to my head? You be the judge when you listen to the interviewM.

Totem Books

“Wasted Youth” Book Signing @ Totem Books & Music

May 14, 2021

A huge THANK YOU to all of the wonderful humans who came out to see me at Totem Books in downtown Flint. Many of you picked up a copy of “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir.” All of you took time out of your day to visit with me. Much appreciated! And another HUGE thank you to Aron and Stephanie at Totem Books for letting me participate in the shop’s “What Have You Written?” event. Local indie authors, take part in this event!

Flint Expats

John Ribner Book Featured on Flint Expatriates

April 4, 2013

It’s great when a literary heavy-hitter recognizes your work! I was fortunate to have my first novel, “Legacy of the Bear,” featured on the Flint Expatriates blog. For those who don’t know, this is the website of Flintstone Gordon Young. He’s the author of the award-winning book, “Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City.” It’s a banger, and an interesting look at our beloved Flint.

Check out Gordon’s review of “Legacy of the Bear.”