World So Dark

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow…

After 10 years in prison, ex-boxer Jake Mears is ready for a comeback… but not in the ring. Back on the street and filled with regret, he obsessively seeks to make that “one big score” to set him up for a long time. To do that, he’ll have to return to the same people and places that led to his downfall. Will Jake emerge from this treacherous criminal underworld a wealthy man? Or will his best efforts earn him a one-way ticket to the grave?

“World So Dark” is a gripping and original neo-noir crime thriller that present a shocking and brutal mystery. To solve it, you must take a trip down the rabbit hole into a bleak landscape of disillusionment, violence and corruption. Are you ready to put your investigative skills to the test for this dark and fateful journey?

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Legacy of the Bear
The rants of a crazy man or the mind of a genius? World So Dark will leave you guessing til the last second. John Ribner’s characters come alive and you feel as if you have met them before, shook their hand or carried on a personal conversation with them. His writing… Read More

World So Dark is simply amazing, John P. Ribner literally draws you into this story. You feel like you are on this roller coaster ride with Jake and Savannah from beginning to end. The twists and turns of this novella will keep you guessing page after page and is such… Read More
Tracie Godin-Jenks

Even after having read this book, seeing through the eyes of a criminal, and living deep within his mind, I don’t feel as dirty and distorted as I thought I would. Ribner spared no expense in taking you through the life of Jake, his trials and tribulations. Ever watch a movie where… Read More
Joshua Andrews