Prophecy of the Bear

An eager hero, a legendary prophecy and a host of fearsome adversaries come together in “Prophecy of the Bear,” the highly-anticipated sequel to “Legacy of the Bear.” Set in the Viking Age, “Prophecy” reunites the original cast of memorable characters while introducing many new allies and enemies who help shape Autar on his journey to greatness. Join them all in this adventure filled with violence, bloodshed and revelation as Autar seeks to unravel… the prophecy of the bear.

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Prophecy of the Bear
I was captivated when I read “Legacy of the Bear” by John Ribner so I was really excited to read his second book “Prophecy of the Bear.” It was even better then his first. I’m a true believer that when an author like Mr. Ribner takes you so effortlessly… Read More
Lillian Speckmann

Prophecy of the Bear was a very fun read. It is “swords and sorcery,” but set within a context where it makes sense. From the very beginning, I found myself immersed in a world of Norse mythology, where the social customs and gods of the time take a place of… Read More
Bruce Cunningham

If I had to describe PotB in one word, that word would be “intense.” After the first book, I felt like I’d been though hell and back with Autar and his companions, and that bond is only strengthened during this adventure. Part of why this story is so enthralling is because… Read More
Just Some Pawn