Q: “What’s the psychology behind people who get easily offended? Is getting offended an auto-victimization? Why would they act in a hostile manner instead of moving on or exposing their argument to the offender?”

A: Because these people are angry, selfish, overly-sensitive asshats.

Some people have trademarked being offended. Any little thing that’s said or done – and when things aren’t said or done – offend them. Yet these so-called offended people are the most insulting, demeaning, and rude people you’ll ever meet. They think nothing of insulting other people for sport, but say something back to them and it’s the end of the world. I’m talking total meltdown.

Ego, Selfishness, and a Sense of Entitlement…

That’s what it comes down to for these people. Somewhere during their childhood, they learned that throwing an absolute temper tantrum worked. It got them what they wanted. And when someone – i.e. parents – indulge a bad behavior, that behavior will repeat. It results in adult=babies who believe their feelings, emotions, and sensibilities are more important than anyone or anything else. It’s a strange and sick world we live in.

What’s Worse Than People Who Are Easily Offended?

The cunning bastards who capitalize on these overly-sensitive adult babies. You don’t always see these folks. They’re usually the ones behind the scenes, pulling the strings. They control the crybabies who are shouting, looting, and rioting because their feelings were hurt. When you do see the manipulators, they’re usually on TV and/or social media. These deceivers are loaded with charisma and are SO convincing. How convincing are they? Well, they can have you believing that the adult temper tantrums they nursed in others are somehow justified.

I call these folks the “grievance industry.” Take a look around and tell me that business isn’t good these days!

About John P. Ribner:

Born in Flint, Michigan. Raised by narcissists. Victim of a drive-by shooting. Writer. Singer/songwriter. Punk rock enthusiast. Martial artist. Social critic. Iconoclast. Author of “Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir.”