Excuse me while I take bragging about dinner on Facebook to the next level.

Every husband brags about his wife’s cooking but my baby is the real deal. When we were dating, she told me that she was a great cook but I was skeptical. I mean, everyone puts their best foot forward during the dating phase, and it’s not uncommon for people to bend the truth to the point of stress fracture. To convince me, she offered to make my favorite meal – gołąbki, aka cabbage rolls or pigs in a blanket. I was blown away! I did what any man with half a brain cell would’ve done, which was quickly put a ring on it. Now, I get delicious home-cooked meals nearly every night. Here’s one of them…

Grilled Chicken and Veggie Kabobs

Summertime means grill time, but I’m not the one out there lighting charcoal and cooking food. That’s my baby. Her favorite phrase is “Stay out of my kitchen,” and that extends to our grill and the porch where it resides. Today, she braved record-high temperatures to cook up this delicious meal. I was lucky she let me stay long enough to snap this pic. I then headed into the house and awaited our meal… a meal in which I’m not ashamed to say that I had a third helping!

The Secret Ingredient

Whenever our local supermarket gets a shipment of Garlic Expressions Vinaigrette Dressing and Marinade, it flies. My wife witnessed a mad dash on this product while she was shopping the other day. Curious about this dressing that practically had women fighting over bottles as if they were Cabbage Patch Kids circa November 1983, she snagged a couple of bottles. Following the information from the fervent females, she used it to marinate the chicken and veggies.

Speaking from experience, I was rather dazzled with this delicious dressing. I’ve since used it on salads and it works there, too. But as good as Garlic Expressions is, it really isn’t the “secret ingredient” that made this meal a feast fit for a king.

So, What’s the REAL Secret Ingredient?

That was the tender loving care that my wife put into this and every other meal she cooks. She’s an artist with a passion for cooking and she puts her whole heart into everything she prepares. That’s because she truly enjoys feeding her husband and her children. All the spices, seasonings, and sauces come second to that.

What Can I Say?

When you’re fortunate enough to marry a beautiful and intelligent woman who’s a great cook, you want to brag about it. Well, I do anyway.


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