It’s not every day when you get a rejection letter from someone who’s actually going to help you get a job!

Being out of work since July 19, 2022 means applying for a lot of jobs. This, in turn, means I have to be prepared for a lot of rejection letters. I meant A LOT. These would-be employers always do their level best to soften the blow by saying things such as:

“Thank you for your interest in [Company Name] and the time you spent on your application for the [Position]. We are honored that you would want to join our team. After reviewing your application, we’ve made the decision to not move forward at this time.”

Is such language comforting? Sure, to a point, but the bigger part of the ratio is still a gigantic letdown when you have a family to provide for. Getting several of these emails each month becomes downright depressing. It likely contributes to the nasty mood I’ve been in as of late. The correspondence I got today (09/30.2022) didn’t do that because it’s the…

One Rejection Letter Rises Above the Rest

What makes it so special? Well, the company representative went beyond mere platitudes to make a commitment to helping me in my future job searches. I could go on and on about her kindness, but I think her powerful words speak for themselves. She messaged me saying this:

“Hello John. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week about the Content Manager role. Unfortunately, at this time we have decided to go in a different direction. I will you the best of luck in your career search.”

Did you see what made her message to me so special? Well, I certainly did and I believe her genuine acts of kindness shouldn’t go unrewarded. Even though I didn’t get the job, and any further correspondence with her isn’t required, I couldn’t help but thank her:

“To wish me good luck is one thing, but to actually will it is a much more concerted effort on your part. I thank you for putting so much dedicated effort on my behalf.”

I’m still overwhelmed by her dedication to me as well as her generosity.

Have You Heard About “The Secret”?

It is a 2006 self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne. Her book is based on something called the “Law of Attraction.” Simply put, this “law” states that thoughts can be used to directly affect a person’s life. So, if a person thinks good thoughts about being hired by a great company – and they truly believe this – their wishes will come true. In other words, they will good things into happening.

All I can say is wow! (Actually, that’s not all I have to say.)

You read the hiring manager’s words. She clearly stated that she wills be the best of luck in my career search. I’ve only met this person one time over a TEAMS interview, so I’m extremely impressed that she’s willing to dedicate so much of her thoughts toward my betterment.

Normally, I ask my friends and family to “wish me luck” whenever I have a job interview. I’m not going to ask people for that anymore, though. With the hiring manager manifesting on my behalf, I think the job offers are going to come rolling in any day now.

Want to Help an Unemployed Writer Struggling With Rejection Letters?

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