Do you support local Michigan authors? Prove it by taking part in this upcoming event!

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea is hosting four Michigan authors at an upcoming book signing. I’m proud to be one of those local writers. The event is the brainchild of a fellow author, Mandy Jo Rindhage. I caught up with her to give her the opportunity to share some details about the event. While she is here, I also asked her about herself and the books she’s written. Who knows? Maybe one (or all) of her three novels is something you’d like to curl up with on a chilly January evening in Michigan. (Along with my memoir, of course!) Here is what Mandy Jo had to say.

JPR: Mandy, please tell us why book-signing events such as this are SO important for Michigan’s independent authors.

MJR: “As an independent author, all of our marketing is our responsibility. If we don’t get the word out for our books, no one will. The more events that we do, especially in person, the more that we can talk to people.”

JPR: I couldn’t agree more! Speaking of this event, can you give folks an idea of what they can expect when they show up at Sweetwaters?

MJR: “At this event, you can expect to meet a small group of independent authors while enjoying a beverage or snack. When you enter Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, you will see the authors at tables to your right and left. Order your beverage and/or snack and then visit with the authors. You may find your next favorite book.”

JPR: Mandy Jo, we’d like to get to know you better. Please tell us what part of Michigan you’re from. While you’re at it, tell us your books, too.

MJR: “I have lived in Michigan my entire life. Born in Saginaw, raised in Montrose, but lived up and down I-75 for the most part. My father was an engineer at General Motors and we moved along I-75. I now live in Wixom, but am working on moving to South Carolina.

“My books are:

Adventures in Walking – women’s fiction/self-help genre – AJ is a divorced mother of twin boys that is feeling like she needs to do something different. She has decided to get up off the couch and walk her first 5K. AJ works with her ex and their boys to go for her goal. A bonus at the back of the book is AJ’s walking schedule and exercises.

Amaranth – epic fantasy – She was born to an evil witch, but abandoned to a good family. After her mother dies, she gets kidnapped and finds out about her very twisted family tree. Meanwhile, the head of the kingdom has also died. Who will take over? Will Amaranth be good or evil?

A Stormy Travel Thru Time – time travel/historical fiction – Two brothers (Heinrich & Gustav) have decided to go to America for a better life and to see family. However, as they get sailing into the Atlantic Ocean from Antwerp, Belgium, a storm crops up and sends them time-hopping forward. Will they make their way back to their own time? Will they make it to their destination in America?”

Two More Authors at This Novi Book-Signing Event

Mandy Jo and myself will be joined by two more Michigan authors. First is Diana Kathryn Plopa, who has written and released six books. She also has four upcoming releases in various stages of collaboration. In addition to her prolific writing, She also teaches creative workshops in schools, community centers, and senior centers. As Diana puts it, she’s “fostering my love of the written word with writers of every age, stage, and genre.” Learn more about Diana Kathryn Plopa on her website.

“That lady on the internet who loves you” is another author who’ll be selling and signing books at this event. That’s how Danielle Bernock describes herself. She’s a life and love coach who helps others thrive in work and life. She is the author of four powerful self-help books. (She also has an audiobook.) Visit Danielle’s website if you’d like to learn more about her approach to self-help before you meet her.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a little self-promotion. (Those of you who know me shouldn’t be surprised.) I’ll be bringing plenty of copies of my memoir, Wasted Youth: The Narcissism Recovery of a Punk Rock Kid from Flint. This is the true story of my attempt to use punk rock to overcome the effects of my abusive and dysfunctional childhood. Things don’t work out according to plan but don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s NOT an oncoming train.

A Reminder of Where to Go and When…

This book signing event is from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, January 28, 2023. It will be held at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea on Grand River Avenue in Novi, Michigan. Come out and grab some coffee or tea and a snack and support four hard-working Michigan authors, each with their own unique voice and message. Hope to see you there!