Question: “Would shaving my cat like a dinosaur cause it any issues?”


Yes. Someone actually asked me this. (I’m a magnet for ridiculous questions, apparently.)  As to the answer, yes, shaving your cat like a dinosaur is a bad idea.  It can lead to some serious issues, both for the cat and you.  Let’s take a look at the health risks to your pussy, first:


1. A cat’s fur is its insulator.  This coat helps kitty regulate his or her body temperature.  In other words, it keeps them warm during the cold, and cool during warm days.  Shaving Mr. Tibbles’ fur could cause him to freeze to death or overheat and get a bad sunburn, depending upon the weather.  Is having a mini Stegosaurus really worth risking your cat’s life?


2. A lack of fur can lead to dryness, irritation, and the itchiness for your kitty companion.  As the fur grows back, it usually leads to excessive licking and scratching, which can cause abrasions.  Nobody likes an itchy pussy!


3. Shaving your cat can really freak Mr. Tibbles out!  Cats are jumpy and skittish enough as it is.  Can you imagine what the sound and feeling of buzzing set of clippers could do to your kitty’s disposition?  It might be enough to turn even the most docile pussy into a raging set of fangs and claws like our friend Pinky here:


What About Your Cat’s Feelings, Man!

Shaving your cat to look like a dinosaur could give it an identity crisis, to say the least. Instead of looking at you with love, Mr. Tibbles’ eyes might say, “If you really wanted a Stegosaurus, you should’ve left me at the shelter.”  There also might be some awkward moments between the two of you whenever a Jurassic Park movie comes on.  Just saying!

Bottom line: shaving your cat to look like a dinosaur is a bad idea for everyone involved.


About J.P. Ribner, Indie Author

J.P. Ribner is the author of the Viking fantasy adventure series, The Berserker’s Saga. Currently, the saga features three novels – Legacy of the Bear, Prophecy of the Bear, and The Berserker’s Return.  He’s also in the process of editing his next book, Wasted Youth: A Flint Punk Rock Memoir.  Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, J.P. now lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and three sons.