Karma, in the form of a dog, came around and bit me in the ass!

People who used to work with me might remember my famous phrase, “gooey goo goo.” I would say it in the most annoying parody of a child’s voice. The target of my barbs? My female coworkers, of course!

*This is what I probably looked like whenever I tormented my female coworkers.

When you work in a predominantly female space as I did, you’ll bear witness to more than a few meltdowns.  break down and cry over things going on in their personal lives. One of the most common examples of this was when a female colleague broke up with (or was dumped by) a man she was dating. Whenever that happened, and my coworker’s will shattered like a house of glass, there I was with the most mocking “gooey goo goo” the world has ever heard. I did the same when someone:

  • Raved about their kid making the honor roll or selling the most Girl Scout cookies
  • He a fight with a boyfriend or husband
  • Or had a disagreement with a family member, etc.
  • Inconvenient times where we had to work over the weekend
  • Missing an Over the Rhine concert in Cincinnati
  • And especially when someone spoke too exuberantly about their beloved pet

In short, I weaponized this annoyingly little phrase against my female coworkers during their most vulnerable moments. Did my shenanigans generate a few laughs? Sure. Did it make me an annoying prick? Most likely. And the most scandalous thing about all of this? I completely got away with this cruelty for many years. (I blame the patriarchy because I’m a victim of it too and I want reparations.)

But this post started out with the word “karma,” and it definitely has caught up with me. Some might even say that it bit me hard in my deserving backside. So, this one goes out to the ladies I used to work with. (You know who you are.) Since purchasing our Newfoundland puppy, I have shed more than a few tears of joy. HIs name is “Gronk,” named after retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski. Gronk the Newfie joined our family on February 4, 2023 at the tender age of eight weeks.

*My poor Gwonkie Wonkie was SO scared when he came home with us.

I’m proud to say that I’m a big, sappy, sensitive sucker. I’m talking a total ball baby and an overly-emotional ninny. I’m a dupe,

  • a dolt,
  • a booby,
  • and most definitely a nincompoop.

In short, my infamous phrase “gooey goo goo” applies directly to ME! Now, instead of making fun of people, I’m the one singing this song, which a coworker once sung about her beloved Bichon Frise:

Yep. That’s me now… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!