No one is more privileged and entitled than many middle class white women who vote Democrat. That’s what makes some of them so Facebook Fragile.  Such was the case with this week’s installment. Someone decided to respond to remark I made on a post from my friend, “Big Bob Newhouse.” In it, he comments on the Facebook silence from our leftist friends regarding the recent blackface scandal involving Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. None of our mutual friends who are outspoken leftists said a single word about this. A smiling kid in a MAGA hat drew more outrage and virtue signalling in our newsfeeds than Northam did. Bob had this to say about it:

Like Bob, I also noticed a complete absence of faux moral outrage about Northam’s alleged blackface in my Facebook feed.  I found this odd, since many of my Leftist friends are triggered by this. Two of them, whom I call the “BLM Brothers,” have gone so far as to physically threaten white folks to don blackface at Halloween.  One of the brothers even said he would “beat the black off” any “cracka” he saw decorated in this manner. As such, I said this on Big Bob’s post:

Bob got what I meant, as did other people who know me.  For those who don’t, I’m happy to explain.  Democrat voters are surprisingly forgiving of the mistakes that members of their party make, even the most egregious ones.  They will do mental gymanstics that would make Simone Biles jealous in their fervent yet misguided attempts to defend their fellows Dems.  Not only that, the mob mentality is in full effect when you argue with them on Facebook about politics.  You can be debating the merits of Obamacare with one of your friends and suddenly fending off furious insults and threats from up to 10 of his/her Facebook friends.  So yeah, politics is a team sport to those on the left.

That one, innocent little comment was the entry point for “A,” the aforementioned entitled leftist white woman:

While it was confirmed that she was responding to me, she clearly conflated my one small comment with what Bob said in his post. To put a finer point on it, when she said she was not a “pathetic hypocrite,” that was a specific reference to what Bob said in his original post.  (See above if you need confirmation.)  What I found interesting about her post was the amount of faux moral outrage it contained… only after Bob basically shamed his left-leaning Facebook friends.  Granted, she could have told the truth when she said she “just read about it;” but, my overall impression was that she was trying a bit too hard to show us that she card.  To paraphrase one of the greatest movie characters, in the parlance of our times, “she outed herself, man!”

“Ms. A” doubles down on her self-serving vibe with this following post and my retort:

Anyone who knows me knows that I wasn’t going to let that go without comment.  And anyone who reads this series knows that a response like this is sure to be “triggering” to the typical leftist:

Okay, you know what’s going on here, right?  Her response is a warning to me.  She’s letting me know that I’ve become too offensive for her finer sensibilities, and that it’s now time for me to apologize.  These kinds of warnings are triggering the typical simps, cucks, and white knights that this soft suburbanite is used to dealing with.  Unfortunately for her, I’m the outlier that she’s not used to crossing swords with in these types of debates.  She was not prepared for what I was about to say next:

It was here that “A” broke out the shovel and begin to make the hole she’d dug for herself even deeper.  After briefly answering another poster, she had this to say to me:

How very grand!  The problem is, Ms. A wasn’t aware of the fact that I’d seen her hate-filled comments about a group of people on another one of “Big Bob’s” threads.  This self-congratulatory statement only served to set her up for a trap I laid at her feet.  It was one that she couldn’t help but step into:

There was some back and forth between us in which she ridiculed all the men who took issue with the Gillette commercial as well as the Covington Catholic High School kids who attended the recent March for Life.  At that point, I decided to throw a second trap on the ground because I knew full well that she would happily step her big, intrusive foot straight into its center.  I even highlighted her own words for her to remind her of what she said above:

The prolonged challenging of both herself and her beliefs invariably led to a complete a total meltdown.  See if you can spot where “A,” in her blind fury, drastically contradicts herself:

Well, well, well!  It would appear that “Ms. A,” our delicate yet defiant damsel, enjoys painting with a broad brush as much as some of us Republicans do.  And it didn’t take much to get her to break out her paint kit, did it?  All I had to do was challenge her so-called beliefs and she unraveled like a ball of yarn in the paws of a curious kitten.  Before I could even point out why a “pathetic hypocrite” she was, “A” blasted me with this:

In my next post, I informed Ms. A that she was Facebook Fragile, but I doubt she saw it because of what she stated in her last post.  That didn’t matter to me; I couldn’t let her have the last word.  (I’m a dick.  I know.)  I felt vindicated when my cousin “Future Man” popped in on the thread to say this:

My thoughts exactly!

Facebook Fragile Rating: 9

All her bluster and leftist virtue signalling earned “Ms. A” this rating.  In fact, it’s the highest Facebook Fragile rating I’ve ever awarded.  (She edged out the former gold medalist, Tommy the Terrified Turd Tosser, by one point.)  As far as I’m concerned, she deserved it but not because she was rude to me.  She was vicious toward the students from Covington Catholic High School who were attacked at that march by those racist assholes the Black Hebrew Israelites, and Nathan Phillips and his merry band of Native American instigators.  Here’s how “A’s” points were distributed:

  • 1 point for starting this whole thing by trying to call me out on “Big Bob’s post.”
  • 1 point for conflating my post with something that “Bob” said.  (If you’re upset with something Bob posted, take it up with Bob, not me.)
  • 1 point for having a guilty conscience.  (Again, I think she felt shamed by Bob’s post and it showed in the tone of her comments.)
  • 1 point for the faux moral outrage at Northam, whom she only decided to attack after Bob called attention to the issue.
  • 1 point for the cover warning to me.  (A blatant sign of white girl privilege.)
  • 1 point for claiming she doesn’t judge groups of people.  (That was as predictable as it was pedestrian.)
  • 1 point for going off on a group of kids who DID NOTHING WRONG!
  • Another point for repeating that she doesn’t judge groups of people in the same post that she judged a group of people.
  • And one final point for bailing out on the debate in such a cowardly manner.

Facebook Friends and Politics…

If you’re new to this series, I hope you enjoyed your first exposure to Facebook Fragile.  If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you’ll know this popular blog series kicked off when I had to to face down a leftist mob.  It became a series the moment after my battle with Ana Kasparian’s brother.  (Yes, that Ana Kasparian.)  As long as I continue to have Facebook friends who are leftists – or friends who have progressive friends – I’ll keep churning out these Facebook Fragile posts.  Stay tuned!